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Plastic repair of roller bearing seat
Clicks:8663 Date:4-19
Installation steps classification and wear treatment of roller bearing seat
Cleaning, inspection and insulation board requirements
1, bearing cleaning and inspection
Large motor bearings are separate packing shipped out of the box after the first ring screw on tile and tile were removed under mark and kerosene cleaning, use dry cloth and check all the grooves are clean, there is no residual sand casting, the tungsten layer and tile body combined with bad channel, draw the existence of crack trachoma and other impurities etc.). If you can not repair, is to hang the tungsten.
2, roller bearing seat cleaning and inspection
Roller bearing seat prior to the installation, but also into the comprehensive cleaning inspection. The roller bearing seat with a scraper to scrape the inner dirt, with a cloth dipped in gasoline or solvent will wipe dirt, watch with no crack and sand to prevent oil leakage in operation. The bearing cover and roller bearing joints, roller bearing seat should be combined with the scraping surface and bearing oil retaining ring, check and feeler, the clearance shall not be greater than 0.03 mm. The bottom surface of the roller bearing seat should be cleaned, and there should be no bumps, rust and burrs. Fastening roller bearing seat screw and seat plate thread to check him, and try to tighten the screw check is too tight or bald button.
3, bearing insulation structure
The bearing and the bottom plate must be insulated with an insulating pad or a metal gasket. The relative position of another motor or machine to adjust the motor and the junction. The metal gasket is made of a metal sheet of 0.08~3 mm. The insulating backing plate is made of cloth laminate or glass fiber laminate. The purpose of the insulation pad is to prevent the hazards of shaft current. Buetow roller bearing insulation plate should be wide on each side of 5~10 mm, 3~10 mm thickness. In addition to the insulating plate between the bearing and the bottom plate, screws and nails should also be insulated. Insulation gasket made of glass fiber cloth thickness of 2~5 mm, than the outside diameter of 4~5 mm diameter iron washer. The utility model relates to an oil pipe connecting plate insulation pad which is connected with a roller bearing seat, and can be made of a rubber sheet with thickness of 1~2 mm. Insulation of the roller bearing seat after installation should check the insulation resistance to earth, with 500 volt megger and the resistance value should not be less than 1 megohm.
Two installation
Whether a single motor bearing and the unit of the multi bearings, should be installed on the main axis of the machine connected to the longitudinal axis of the unit or the unit. The bearing center is measured by means of a wire and wire hammer. (a card bearing arc wood, nail a thin iron bar, on the campus center mark center).
The position of the adjusting shaft is located from the top of the roller bearing seat, with the level of the roller bearing seat surface to check the level of these planes. Check whether the plane of the axle seat is in the same horizontal plane with the theodolite or the level gauge, and use the method of line hammer to find whether the bearing centers are on the same axis.
According to the above mentioned method, the adjustment of the roller bearing seat is carried out in the process of eliminating the deviation, and the utility model is applied to the jack type tool to move the roller bearing seat. Using this method to adjust the roller bearing seat accuracy error of about 0.5~1.0 mm. It should be noted that the installation of the roller bearing seat adjustment is only the pre adjustment, but also to adjust the alignment to achieve the axis line requirements. After the roller bearing seat is pre adjusted, only the screws are tightened uniformly (by the diagonal loop tightening), and the insulating sleeve and the stabilizing nail can be temporarily put aside.
Plastic repair of roller bearing seat:
In the process of automobile maintenance, the bearing seat hole of roller bearing is often encountered, and it is usually discarded, because it is difficult to repair the bearing seat of aluminum alloy roller bearing with the conventional method. But if according to the mechanical properties of metal materials, the compression method can make the supporting roller bearing seat hole size Aluminum Alloy material approximately with the size, the outer diameter of the bearing and meet the transition roller bearing seat hole with the requirements.
In view of the existing roller bearing seat production line using crane for roller bearing seat flip in the process of safety, occupation and crane production specialization, low level of automation, design a kind of directly driven by the hydraulic cylinder supporting roller bearing seat flip engineering equipment, through the design calculation of the structure parameters and simulation the analysis proves that the tooling can safely support implementation of flip work roller bearing the force of movement and can greatly improve the production safety, production efficiency and automation level. In recent years, the demand for roller bearing seat of rolling mill increases greatly, and it is on the rise.
Two different methods for inspection of spherical roller bearing seat oil groove position, and both of them were compared, found with gauge measuring method has obvious advantages. Spherical ball bearings have lubricated and non lubricated type two forms. The lubrication type outer spherical roller bearing base is provided with a filling hole. The lubrication type spherical roller bearing seat, only when the bearing outer ring oil hole without oil groove, a ball hole is need to be processed on a bearing outer ring is communicated with the oil hole of the oil tank, and the oil tank is communicated with the oil hole seat.
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