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Cylindrical roller bearings; preload; relative influence
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Cylindrical roller bearings; preload; relative influence
Due to the existence of cylindrical roller bearing clearance, under load, the inner and outer rings will move relatively, which will reduce the cylindrical roller bearing stiffness caused by radial and axial vibration of shaft, the working precision and the service life of the machine is affected. In order to reduce the vibration, for high precision and high speed mechanical equipment often adopts the method of pre tightening in the installation of cylindrical roller bearing, which is installed in advance to give a certain load of cylindrical roller bearings (radial or axial), eliminating the original clearance, and the cylindrical roller bearing body and the outer ring has elastic deformation. In order to prevent the work when the relative shift between the inner and outer rings.
1 cleanliness affects the vibration level of the bearing seriously, especially the vibration of the high frequency band. Low vibration speed of bearings with high cleanliness
2, the impact on noise. Tests on the effects of dust in the TIMKEN bearing grease on noise have proved that the more dust, the greater the noise.
3, the impact on the lubrication performance, TIMKEN bearings clean degree of decline, not only affect the formation of lubricating oil film, but also cause deterioration of lubricating grease and accelerate its aging,
First, the purpose of preload
The cylindrical roller bearing with preload, the ball and raceway to eliminate the original clearance and the formation of a certain elastic deformation when subjected to external loads, the cylindrical roller bearing has certain rigidity, cylindrical roller bearing for load force in the opposite direction with the outside installation, not because of the external load and make the ball and roll gap is generated, so as to improve the rotation accuracy of the spindle, the spindle stiffness to strengthen and improve the service life, but also can reduce the noise.
Two, the principle of preload
The magnitude of preload is generally determined by the magnitude of the work load, the spindle rotation accuracy, and the speed of rotation.
1, small spindle load, high rotating accuracy and low speed, it is advisable to preload a larger load.
2, work load, high speed, because easy to heat expansion, should take smaller preload.
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